6.5 Months Ago

My Great Aunt Judy called today. She says she’s coming to my house for an “extended stay,” whatever that means. Aunt Judy is known for her impromptu visits and, more commonly, her tendency to overstay her welcome. However, Aunt Judy is, well, somewhat of a family heirloom, so to speak. No one really knows her age (she’s claimed 65 for the last few decades), and we all feel a certain sense of responsibility to keep her healthy and happy. If that means letting her take over my home for a few weeks, so be it.

Unfortunately, another factor in these surprise visits is my Great Aunt Judy’s old, sensitive skin. She gets overheated easily, and I think she occasionally forgets how hot it can get in good old Jacksonville. On her last visit, I found her lying in front of two industrial fans with every single bag of frozen vegetables in our freezer (and potentially our neighbor’s freezer) acting as a frozen blanket. Of course, I could be better at keeping our air conditioning unit fully functioning if I’d taken advantage of some quality air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL. Now seems like a good time to look into it, for Great Aunt Judy’s sake, of course. And, well, my family is all outside soaking in an ice filled baby pool, so maybe they’d appreciate it as well.

Two Weeks Later: Aunt Judy Arrives After I Receive Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville, FL

Great Aunt Judy arrived yesterday morning! She seems well—only a few new tattoos from her trip to Vegas. I swear, that woman is going to live forever. Immediately, walking through the door, Aunt Judy noticed a change in the air of my home.

“I can finally breathe without wanting to cover my face in ice cubes!!” Aunt Judy shouted, probably unaware that she was speaking at a level of decibels far louder than any human should have to endure. “What the heck did you do?”

“Well, I finally took your advice and invested in air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL.” I replied, feeling rather proud of myself. “Actually, there’s a great company down the road called ‘Progressive Air & Mechanical.’ They were really helpful, and gave me a customized overview of the necessary repairs.”

“Well skip-dee-do!” Aunt Judy exclaimed. “I just want to live here FOREVER! Maybe I will!”


Six Months Later 

She’s still here. She won’t leave. She says the temperature in my home is so comfortable that she’s convinced angels are watching over it. Why did I have to invest in the best air conditioning repair in Jacksonville, FL? I let out a sigh. The things one does for family.