Florida summers are no joke. While our good friends over in Ohio or Michigan may complain about their “intense” summer months, we Floridians know what it’s like to walk outside, crack an egg on the asphalt, and watch it start sizzling. Sometimes we truly feel like that egg.

If you can relate (and I have utmost confidence that you can) then you know how much Florida folks value reliable air conditioning. We can’t just turn on a fan if our air conditioning in Jacksonville konks out, we have to grab a couple of ice buckets, six heavy-duty industrial fans, and at least three cool wash cloths just to avoid heat exhaustion.

In summary, it’s hot here. Really hot. Here are a few more justifiably hyperbolic metaphors we like to use when referencing the excruciating Florida heat.

YOU Need Air Conditioning in Jacksonville Because it’s as Hot as…

1. A Brick Oven

Not just any oven, my friends, a brick oven. You know why? Not only can our air get stuffier than a turtle-neck sweater sporting a sinus infection, thick humidity often rears its head during the summer month. Hence, you feel like you’re getting hit with a brick. It may be extreme, but how else can we describe our desperation for air conditioning in Jacksonville?

2. The Surface of the Sun

Alright, so while the temperature may not be quite up to 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it sure can feel that way sometimes. For example, a day at the beach means NEVER forgetting your flip flops, or you will be subject to hopping across the sand on the tips of your toes, hoping to minimize the effects of scalding sand on the bottom of your feet. That can’t be normal.

3. The Underworld

While I can’t tell you from direct experience how hot the underworld is, I imagine it’s uncomfortable. I can tell you one thing, if your air conditioning in Jacksonville breaks in the middle of August, you’ll be comparing your home to the pits of Hades.

4. Freshly Brewed Coffee

There are few things one can rely on, but taking a sip of freshly brewed coffee and burning your tongue to a crisp is certainly one of them. I like to compare Florida’s hottest days to those first few sips—beautiful but painful. However, with reliable air conditioning in Jacksonville, you can enjoy the summer beauty of Florida through your window.

How do you describe the Florida heat? We’d love to hear your funny phrases! Call us today for more information on Progressive Air & Mechanical’s quality air conditioning in Jacksonville!