It’s easy to enjoy a comfortable home throughout all seasons of the year. When summer creeps in, just turn up the air conditioning for an easy, breezy climate that acts as a sweet refuge from the scalding temperatures outside. During the chilling winter temperatures, turn the thermostat up a few notches and kick that heater into high gear. Great pleasure can be found in watching the swirling winds outside as you cozy up with hot tea and a movie in a perfectly toasty home.

Having a comfortable home has become so normal for us that sometimes we forget what it would be like if our HVAC system wasn’t there—until we’re faced with a sudden malfunction or break down of course. HVAC systems are comparable to oxygen; you don’t think twice about them, but you sure would notice if they were suddenly taken away! Here are a few things that wouldn’t exist without the help your of HVAC in Jacksonville, FL.

3 Things that Would be Nonexistent Without Your HVAC – Jacksonville, FL

1. The Term “Room Temperature”

The famous term “room temperature” can only truly exist if said room has a consistent and moderate temperature. Without the help of an HVAC, “room temperature” bears no meaning. The room could be hotter than an asphalt driveway on the sun, or chillier than an ice sculpture in northern Russia. Either way, with no consistency in your home, your coffee or tea won’t ever be “room temperature” in the traditional sense without an HVAC in Jacksonville, FL.

2. A Jacket Rack 

I hate to say this, but your guests will NOT be taking their jackets off if it’s below 60 degrees outside and you don’t have an HVAC system. While the temperatures may not be as extreme as they are in states other than Florida, the temperature in your home will still be too chilly for your guests to forfeit their jackets. On the bright side, you never have to worry about one of your guests forgetting a jacket or sweater at your house when the colder weather hits. However, you may have to keep an eye on your collection of blankets, as it could become rather thin by the end of the season.

3. Any Indoor Activities in July or August

We all know how HOT it gets in Florida during the late summer months. If HVAC and air conditioning unitwere non-existent, you would have to kiss any indoor summer activities a sweet goodbye. Your house would be comparable to a well-decorated oven—too hot to spend more than a few minutes running inside to gather more ice cubes. On the bright side, there would be a whole lot of time for family togetherness while you’re all in the back yard drenching yourselves in ice water. Silver linings, right?

Alright, you get the idea. Without an HVAC system, our lives would be completely different. Even though our HVAC in Jacksonville, FL can easily go unnoticed for extended periods of time, it’s important to remember to regularly schedule preventative maintenance and inspection. This way, you can enjoy your home in peace and comfort.