Spring is drawing near, and even though we have a few months until the “real heat” hits, it never hurts to start preparing for the warm weather now! The first step towards insuring that you have a comfortable, fun spring and summer is making sure your HVAC in Jacksonville, FL in running smoothly!

Every once in while, you’ll find that your HVAC unit needs to be repaired. Don’t feel bad, that’s what our experts are for! However, we know you might be bored while you’re waiting for your air conditioning unit to run normally again. Thankfully, we have a few ideas you can use to stay entertained while your HVAC in Jacksonville, FL is being repaired by our professionals.

7 Summer Activities to Try While Your HVAC in Jacksonville, FL is Being Repaired

1. Water Balloon Fight

If you’ve never had a good old-fashioned water balloon fight, you’ve missed out on a valuable life experience. Grab a few friends, fill up an insane amount of water balloons, and cool off by repeatedly pummeling each other with them!

2. Sprinkler Run

Sprinklers can be used for more than just watering your petunias! Purchase a few inexpensive sprinklers from your local Walmart and set them up in your backyard. This is a great way to cool down with a just light mist. You can stay as dry or get as wet as you want!

3. Popsicle Party

If you’re growing thirsty while your HVAC in Jacksonville, FL is being repaired, gather a few friends for a Popsicle Party! Purchase a few boxes of popsicles in a variety of flavors and enjoy the icy goodness as you enjoy laughing and chatting outside.

4. Trip to the Beach

If your home is still a little too hot while your air conditioning is being repaired, plan a short trip to the beach! Grab a towel, a pair of sunglasses, a few (dozen) fruit cocktails, and enjoy the sun-soaked paradise!

5. Sidewalk Chalk Murals

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for creating stunning works of art on your sidewalk. If your HVAC in Jacksonville, FL is in the process of repair, entertain yourself by flexing your artistic muscles!

6. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Taking a short trip to the farmer’s market is a terrific way to spend a couple of hours outside of the house while your air conditioning is being repaired. The market is filled with individual vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, and much more. You may never want to leave!

7. Take a Bike Ride

Break out the old bicycle and enjoy a scenic ride around the city while you get some great exercise. Don’t forget your helmet!

While you’re outside enjoying the weather, our HVAC professionals will be working to make your air conditioning unit run more efficiently and effectively. Just relax, we’ll take care of the rest!