For months I heard a low grumble in the corner of my home; it started softly, barely above a whisper. As the days rolled by, the murmur grew louder and louder, and soon the heinous sound was disrupting my everyday life. My kids started asking me if there was a monster somewhere in our house— truthfully, I couldn’t say no. One fateful day, I braved the unknown and approached our HVAC unit. What I experienced upon inspection can only be described as a cacophonous medley of squeaking and clanking interrupted every few minutes with a loud “THUD.” I, in all of my brilliance, knew this couldn’t be good.

After a quick call and consultation with Progressive Air Conditioning service in Jacksonville, I was told that my HVAC would be just fine. Unfortunately, I was also told that I could’ve stopped the loud, desperate ruckus from entering my home and terrorizing my children long before this point. Here are the signs I should’ve noticed from the beginning:

3 Ways You Can Find Out if Your AC Unit is Unhappy – Real Advice from Progressive Air Conditioning Service in Jacksonville

1.  Strange Odors

If you’re like me, you try to stay away from your air conditioning unit at all costs. In my household, the air conditioning unit can go unattended for months. No one pays attention to it until it starts acting up. One very common issue with AC units is the presence of mold or mildew. This is very dangerous to everyone in your home, as the air can become contaminated with harmful mold spores. If anyone in your family has a history of asthma or a weakened immune system, the air in your home will be a serious threat to their health. If you find mold or mildew on your air conditioning unit and need a replacement, contact Progressive Air and Mechanical for quality air conditioning service in Jacksonville. Your air will be fresh and breathable in no time.

2. The Temperature in Your Home Doesn’t Change

Just call me Captain Obvious. You may be slapping your forehead thinking, “Well, duh, if my AC unit is broken of COURSE the temperature in my home doesn’t change.” However, the thermostat is something we don’t often think about during the day. Personally, I might notice a slight change in the air, turn up the air conditioning, and then completely forget about it within a matter of minutes! If you’re suspecting that the thermostat is not doing ANYTHING to control the air in your home, you should consider having your HVAC unit inspected by Progressive Air and Mechanical.

3. Unfamiliar Clamor

Don’t follow my example and wait months before you look into that suspicious sound.  Sometimes you can discern the problem with your air conditioning unit by the noise you are hearing. A gurgling noise indicates a refrigerant leak in your AC unit, a sharp screeching noise can mean that the fan motor bearings in your AC unit are broken, and a loud clicking noise can indicate an obstruction in the unit’s fan.

Whatever warning signs you’re experiencing, as soon as you notice something unusual. If I had taken this advice, my kids wouldn’t currently be building a barricade in front of our air conditioning unit in order to “keep the noisy monster away.” Take my word for it: pay attention to your HVAC system, and invest in Progressive’s air conditioning service in Jacksonville.

If you’re facing a faulty air conditioning unit, Progressive Air and Mechanical will quickly and efficiently repair or replace it at your convenience. We believe in quality, professional services, and we are proud defenders from the heat!